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Master of Arts in Community Planning, Policy and Design (CPAD)

The CPAD Program will be terminated with internal and external processes forthcoming, and a teach-out program administered for existing students. 

The Master of Arts in Community Planning, Policy, and Design (CPAD) degree program addresses the many dimensions of community building.  It was founded as a direct challenge to the status quo in all other urban design graduate program curriculums. CPAD enables students to not only see and understand social and environmental inequalities but to utilize learned skills to address them. CPAD is social justice for the built environment.

Its innovative curriculum is designed to empower graduates to develop "progressive traditional" urban design skills while gaining knowledge of public policy, real estate economics, and practical transportation/land-use planning. The focus of the program is on the growing intersection of these skills and knowledge in today’s vibrant and increasingly complex development environment. CPAD is jointly housed in the College of Charleston's Riley Center for Livable Communities and the Historic Preservation and Community Planning program.

Graduates of the program work in city governments, development companies, architecture/urban design firms, and businesses in other areas. Founded in 2017, the vast majority of our graduates have jobs either before leaving the program or immediately thereafter.

For More Information

R. Grant Gilmore III
Program Director
College of Charleston
66 George Street, Charleston SC, 29424
Phone: 843.953.6352

Diane Miller
Program Coordinator
College of Charleston
66 George Street, Charleston SC, 29424
Phone: 843.953.3888

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