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Rebekah Compton

Assistant Professor of Renaissance and Baroque Art

Address: Albert Simons Center for the Arts, Room 302
Phone: 843-953-8224
Personal Website:


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley. History of Art
M.A. Washington University, St. Louis. Art History
B.A. Clemson University. History and English
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, Columbia University. Art History

Research Interests

Rebekah Compton teaches courses on Renaissance and Baroque art history. She specializes in painting, sculpture, and architecture created within Italy between 1400-1600. Her research explores gender and sexuality within both secular and religious art.

Rebekah’s current book project, titled Venus and the Arts of Love in Renaissance Florence, offers the first survey of the goddess’s portrayal in Florentine art, created between 1400-1600. The book investigates techniques and materials used by artists to capture Venus’s beauty and to arouse different forms of desire. Rebekah has published on Michelangelo’s Venus and Cupid, and has an article forthcoming on Botticelli’s garlands in Source: Notes in the History of Art. She also has several essays forthcoming in edited volumes.

Rebekah wrote and recorded the audio tour for the Kress Collection at the Columbia Museum of Art. In the fall of 2016, she will be teaching a new course on the Materials and Techniques of Renaissance Art.

Courses Taught

ARTH 102 History of Art: Renaissance through Modern
ARTH 277 Renaissance Art
ARTH 280 Baroque Art

ARTH 299 Theories and Methods of Art History
ARTH 303 Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art
ARTH 370 Italian Early Renaissance Art

ARTH 375 Italian High/Late Renaissance Art

ARTH 415: Senior Seminar-The Body and Desire in Renaissance Italy


Journal Articles

“Botticelli’s Garlands.” Forthcoming in Source: Notes in the History of Art.

Omnia Vincit Amor: The Sovereignty of Love in Tuscan Poetry & Michelangelo’s Venus and

Cupid.” Mediaevalia 33 (2012): 229-60.

Book Chapters

“Courtly Identity and the Female Nude in the Palazzo Salviati.” Forthcoming in Narratives of the

Florentine Interior: Courtly Environments in Early Modern Tuscany. Edited by Francesco Freddolini and Cinzia Maria Sicca.

“Viridity and Love: The Green Spaces of Fra Lippi, Botticelli, and Filippino Lippi.”

Forthcoming in Art and the Verdant Earth: The Green Worlds of the Renaissance and Baroque. Edited by Karen Hope Goodchild, April Oettinger, and Leopoldine Prosperetti.

“Venusian Magic in Marsilio Ficino’s De vita libri tres and Renaissance Art.” Forthcoming

in Marsilio Ficino: New Directions in Research. Edited by Valery Rees and James Synder. Leiden: Brill, 2017.